Shown Cool with Shirts Cool

Young men or teenage boys often use the T-shirts as a means of hanging their clothes. Of course, with the pictures that attract attention or kontorversial writings. However, they forgot their shirts as the shirt hanging out. Most teens think that katro dress shirts, tacky, and very fatherly. And with cool shirt, a man will look more elegant and far from being sloppy.

What kind of shirt should you wear when appearing in public?

You as a man does have a bit of attention on what event you are coming and what clothes you should use. If you attend a birthday party at night, avoid wearing shirts with bright colors or with images that are too large and numerous. You should wear a dark shirt colors and plain. But rarely a plain shirt indish model. Therefore, you must be a shirt indish mempermaknya. You can shrink the arms, shoulders, and waist incompatibility with your body shape.

Usually most, teenage boys lean it will look a bit ugly when wearing a plain shirt with a normal size. Will be many empty spaces in your body is wrapped with a big shirt. Although the shirt is cool and expensive, if oversized, it still looks tacky in your body. Cool shirt boxes should you use on your birthday events held during the day with a festive theme. Because plaid shirt will build cheerful atmosphere. If your shirt is not plaid choose which combined with the great writings or pictures. Because the shirt will be more crowded and you will look tacky.

Cool plaid shirt is usually combined with a T-shirt in it. The shirts do not need you buttoned, leave it open so you look more natural appearance. Shirt would look cool if the belt at your waist to remain visible. If you want to look natural and do not want to remain visible metropseksual, you should wear a shirt out of pants and the length should not exceed the back pocket. Or long shirt you can customize with your belt boundary. So long fitting at the waist. This will make you look tall and slim.

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